Guest Speakers

Anne Larilahti,  Vice President for Sustainability, Finnair

Anne Larilahti is VP Sustainability at Finnair since 2019. Her role consists of leading the company’s sustainability efforts on a broad range of topics from accessibility and diversity to climate and material management. Anne has been working in several leadership roles in sustainability, marketing, and business development, mostly in the ICT industry, but also with four years in sports and tourism. Anne Larilahti is also the chairwoman of the board of Finnish Business and Society, Finland’s largest sustainability network. She spends her free time travelling, photography, skiing and with her two children.

Roei Ganzarski, CEO, magniX

Roei is CEO of magniX, an electric aviation propulsion company. With a vision of connecting communities with low-cost, clean air transportation, magniX is disrupting aviation as we know it. Roei is also executive chairman of Eviation, the electric aircraft OEM bringing a newly designed all-electric aircraft to market. Prior to magniX, Roei was CEO of BoldIQ – a provider of dynamic real-time scheduling optimization software. Under Roei’s leadership, BoldIQ grew from seed software startup to multi-million-dollar profitable SaaS company. Before BoldIQ, Roei was with the Boeing family of companies in continuously increasing roles of responsibility. His last role was Chief Customer Officer for Boeing’s Flight Services division where he led worldwide customer and market facing organizations and was responsible for revenue growth and customer service. Other experiences prior to Boeing include investment banking, corporate finance, advertising, and the military. He is a graduate of Wharton’s Advanced Management Program, earned an MBA from the University of Washington, and a BA in Economics from The University of Haifa. Roei lives with his family in Redmond, Washington, USA.

Dr. Ing Sigurd Øvrebø, Managing Director, Rolls-Royce Electric Norway

Sigurd Øvrebø received he’s MSc from NTNU in 1999 and got he’s Dr-Ing degree from the same university in 2004. During he’s study he spent two periods at University of Wisconsin Madison in USA. From 2004 to 2013 he was the CTO of Smart Motor focusing on custom machines and drives. From 2013 to 2018 he was working in Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine as General Manager on Electric and Power. In February 2019 he started Rolls-Royce Electrical Norway where he is currently the Managing Director.

Henri Hansson, Finavia

Henri Hansson has more than 20 years experience in the field of airport development, operations and management. Henri has worked in several positions in Finavia Corporation since year 2000 after graduation from Lappeenranta university of technology. As SVP of infrastructure, sustainability, safety & security, his focus area today is to develop sustainable high quality and cost-effective services for the customers of the future airport network. He enjoys working with talented people in creative manner for the next generation.

Lionel Cousseins, Airbus

Lionel Cousseins joined Airbus in 2013 as a Market Analyst in the Market Research and Forecast team which includes, as well as other market focused responsibilities, the annual production of the Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF). After 5 years spent involved in Market Research, he joined the ZEROe team at the project launch in 2018. As part of his current role, he contributes to assessing market and business opportunities for ZEROe aircraft by engaging advanced partnerships with airlines and other aviation stakeholders. Prior to this, he worked for Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company. He is 47 and has a Master’s Degree in Statistics and Econometrics from the Toulouse School of Economics – France.

Darrell Swanson, Director, Swanson Aviation Consultancy

Swanson Aviation Consultancy Ltd. is consulting firm focusing on the infrastructure requirements of electric aircraft (incl. fixed wing and eVTOL) and demand modelling. Darrell has established himself as a subject matter expert regarding electric aviation and how it will lead to a future of distributed aviation. His knowledge encompasses electric aircraft infrastructure requirements as well as defining market opportunities for emerging electric Low Cost Carriers (eLCCs). He is an advisor to NASA’s Transformative Vertical Flight programme, the Advance Air Mobility panel at ADS Group, the Community Air Mobility Initiative and is a board member of the British Aviation Group which is the largest trade body in the UK representing over 220-member companies. Darrell has over 20 years’ experience as an aviation consultant on airport masterplanning projects thru to airport acquisition advisory services.

Sami Jauhiainen, Vice President of Business Development, Renewable Aviation, Neste

Sami Jauhiainen is responsible for business development in Neste’s Renewable Aviation business unit. Sami’s primary focus is on driving the development of Neste’s global go-to-market strategy for sustainable aviation fuel, a solution for reducing the carbon emissions of flying. Sami has been with Neste since 2013, and he was previously responsible for Neste Group’s Strategy and M&A department. Before that Sami worked in investment banking, advising customers in the energy sector on mergers and acquisitions and capital markets transactions. Sami is passionate about developing business opportunities that serve Neste’s purpose of ”Creating a healthier planet for our children”.

Dr. Pedro Vilaca, Professor of mechanical engineering, Aalto University

Pedro Vilaça is Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Aalto University since March 2013, where he is the head of the research group on Advanced Manufacturing and Materials. Previously, he has worked in the University of Lisbon as Assistant Professor since 2003. His research interests include welding technology, solid-state-based manufacturing, non-destructive testing technology, and materials science. Before starting at the Aalto University, Vilaça was president of Portuguese Society for NDT since 2009. During his career, he has built a large collaboration network with scientists around the world. Vilaça has mature experience in leading R&D teams on fundamental science and support of industrial activities including aeronautic industry. Pedro Vilaça has h-index = 24 (Scopus), from a publication record including 1 book, 4 book chapters, 98 scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals, 18 in national journals, over 150 conference related publications and several IPRs.

Conrad von der Tann, Team Lead B2G Partnerships, Lilium

Heikki Kauhanen, TV Producer, News Editor, TV Host and Journalist, Alfa TV, Finland

Debate is hosted by Mr. Heikki Kauhanen. Heikki Kauhanen is a TV Producer, News Editor, TV Host and Journalist and he works for Alfa TV in Finland. He has weekly TV program about politics and economics since 2014. Kauhanen has over 30 years experience in media with two TV programs, three TV channels, two radio channels and four newspapers. He has lots of knowledge and experience in global interaction in Media. His motto is “The distance between two people is an image. It’s not miles. It’s time and timelessness.”

Hannu Oskala, Helsinki City Councillor, Group Vice Chairman, The Greens in Finland

Mika Ebeling, Helsinki City Councillor, Group Chairman, Christian Democrats

Mika Ebeling is a member of the Helsinki City Council since 1997 and is a candidate for Mayor of Helsinki. For twenty years he was a member of the Board of Public Transport. He works as a pastor in the Finnish Lutheran Mission and represents the Finnish Christian Democratic Party. He is a former Finnish chess champion. For years he has systematically defended Malmi Airport. 

Pentti Arajärvi, Helsinki City Councillor, The Social Democratic Party of Finland

Björn Månsson, Helsinki City Councillor, Group Chairman, The Swedish People’s Party of Finland

Björn Månsson is a former journalist and editorial writer at Hufvudstadsbladet (1982-2009) and a former general secretary of the Swedish group in Parliament (2009-2013). Since 2013 he is a member of the City Council, and since 2015 the group chairman of the Swedish People´s Party. He is also a member of the regional Council of Uusimaa/Nyland, and a member of the Board of the Helsinki University Hospital.

Nuutti Hyttinen, Helsinki City Councillor, Group Vice Chairman, The Finns Party

Daniel Sazonov, Helsinki City Councillor, Group Chairman, The National Coalition Party

Daniel Sazonov is a Helsinki city councillor, a member of city executive committee and group chairman of the National Coalition Party. Daniel Sazonov works as the chief of strategy at the National Coalition Party. He is approved lawyer by training.


Janne Ropponen, Ph.D., CEO, MAF Finland

Dr. Janne Ropponen is the Chief Executive Officer at MAF Finland. MAF Finland sends aviation staff and funding for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) operations and flights in developing countries in areas where travelling otherwise is difficult or insecure. These flights respond to the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people who often suffer from the effects of the climate change.

Dr. Ropponen has graduated from the university of Jyväskylä with business administration and information technology as his majors. His doctoral thesis focused on software risk management in IT projects. Before his flight career he served as a Senior Process Development Engineer at Nokia Telecommunications in the software production of Nokia mobile networks.

Janne Ropponen also holds current air transport pilot license and flies Airbus 330 long haul flights with Finland’s national flag carrier airline Finnair. Previously, he has also served as a MAF pilot in Uganda and Mongolia where he lived together with his wife and four children 7 years. Practical and effective help delivered to the most needy people by MAF flights is still motivating him as he continues to work in the background to raise funds and awareness for these flights in the developing countries. Fighting climate change is also close to his heart and he gladly serves as the chairman of the first Ecological and Electric Aviation Conference in Finland. He enjoys outing and fishing in the fresh water lakes of Finland.

Janne Vasama, Chairman of Helsinki Electric Aviation Association

Janne Vasama is Founding member and chairman of Helsinki Electric Aviation Association. The aim of the Helsinki Electric Aviation Association is to build an electric aviation ecosystem around Pipistrel Alpha Electro electric plane to support the development of electric aviation in Finland. New ecosystem will support training, research, and development.

Janne Vasama is also member of Electro Mobility Branch Group at Technology Industries of Finland. The aim of the branch group is to support and facilitate the electrification of traffic in Finland. Janne has been working in several roles in electronics components business and has been an entrepreneur from 2005. Janne started flying 1978 with gliders and has license for several difference airplane categories.


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