5th International Conference Programme

Aviation technology responds to the challenges of climate change. Renewable aviation fuels, ecological and electric aircraft are here.

Above. One of the guest speakers of the 2022 conference was Oliver Walker-Jones from Joby Aviation – all electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft in flight.

See programme below.

The 5th International Ecological and Electric Aviation Conference in March 8, 2023 will be organised in Helsinki. The conference venue is the auditorium of the National Museum of Finland in the centre of Helsinki. Travelling to Finland and participating in the conference in person provides an excellent opportunity to watch, listen and participate in the conference sessions and to network with other participants. The conference fee 95 euros also includes breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee.

It is also possible to participate to the conference online only. The online participation fee is 45 euros.

Program March 8 (changes possible*) – all presentations in English

Important: times are in Finnish local time (and UTC, CET Central European Time)

– – – 08.00 (UTC 06.00, CET 07.00) – – – Networking with breakfast & coffee – – –

09.00 (UTC 07.00, CET 08.00) Welcome

09.01 (UTC 07.01, CET 08.01) Opening speech, Timo Harakka, Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland (Liikenne- ja viestintäministeri)

09.10 (UTC 07.10, CET 08.10) Review of conference programme and organisers, MAF Finland, Dr. Janne Ropponen, Helsinki Electric Aviation Association, Janne Vasama.

09.30 (UTC 07.30, CET 08.30) How to design a viable business with Zero Emissions Aircraft. Andreas Kollbye Aks, CEO, Widerøe Zero

10.00 (UTC 08.00, CET 09.00) Riku Aho, Vice President, Fleet Management, Finnair

10.30 (UTC 08.30, CET 09.30) Nordic Network for Electric Aviation

11.00 (UTC 09.30, CET 10.30) Hydrogen and electricity – key propulsion technologies for sustainable future of aviation, Riku Huhta, Project Manager, Strategic Transport Systems, Destia

– – – 11.30 (UTC 09.30, CET 10.30) – – – Networking lunch – – –

13.00 (UTC 11.00, CET 12.00) News on Sustainable Aviation Fuel Business, Neste

13.30 (UTC 11.30, CET 12.30) Professional flight training with the first type certified electric aircraft, Johan Norberg, Head of Training, Green Flight Academy

14.00 (UTC 12.00, CET 13.00) Olli Hakanen, Helsinki City Airport for Electric Aircraft Passenger Transport, Respace Oy

14.30 (UTC 12.30, CET 13.30) Dominic Weeks, Head of External Affairs and Marketing, ZeroAvia

– – – 15.00 (UTC 13.00, CET 14.00) – – – Networking with coffee – – –

15.30 (UTC 13.30, CET 14.30) EEAC 2023 Debate (in Finnish language). Development of Ecological and Electric Aviation Technology and Flight Connections in Rural Finland, Debate is hosted by Mr. Timo Soini former foreign minister of Finland. Invited debate participants:

  • Juho Eerola, Member of Parliament (Southeast Finland), Second Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Vice Chairman of the the Finns party
  • Hanna Holopainen, Member of Parliament (Southeast Finland), Vice Chairman of the the Greens party
  • Hanna Kosonen, Member of Parliament (Southeast Finland), Chairperson of Environment Committee of Parliament, Centre Party

16.30 (UTC 14.30, CET 15.30) End of conference. See you next year 2024, March 6.

* The conference programme is planned as described above. However, changes are possible.