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Aviation technology responds to the challenges of climate change. Renewable aviation fuels, ecological and electric passenger aircraft are here.

Above. Conference front page image (week 6): May 28, 2020 The first flight of the all-electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Powered by a 750-horsepower (560 kw) magni500 propulsion system, the flight took place at the Aerotec Flight Test Center at the Grant County International Airport (KMWH) in Moses Lake, Washington

Conference front page image (week 5): Lilium 5-seater electric aircraft is already flying. Company plans passenger transport operations first in Germany and in the USA. The Manhattan scenery may not be that far in the future as the maiden flight was already in May 2019. Lilium media images.

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Program March 10 (changes possible) – all presentations in English

Important: times are in Finnish time (and UTC, CET Central European Time)

09.00 (UTC 07.00, CET 08.00) Opening speech, Finnair, Anne Larilahti, Vice President for Sustainability

09.10 (UTC 07.10, CET 08.10) Review of seminar programme and organisers: MAF Finland, CEO Janne Ropponen, Helsinki electric aviation association, Chairman Janne Vasama.

09.30 (UTC 07.30, CET 08.30) magniX, Roei Ganzarski, CEO, The Electric Aircraft Revolution – closer than you think

10.00 (UTC 08.00, CET 09.00) Rolls-Royce Electric Norway, Dr. Ing Sigurd Øvrebø, Managing Director, Sustainable aviation – from fuel to thrust

10.30 (UTC 08.30, CET 09.30) Finavia, Henri Hansson, Senior Vice President, Airport Infrastructure, Sustainability, Safety, Security & Compliance, Post Covid Climate for the Aviation Industry

11.00 (UTC 09.00, CET 10.00) Airbus, Lionel Cousseins, ZEROe aircraft value leader, How to use hydrogen in zero-emission aircraft and its technical challenges

11.30 (UTC 09.30, CET 10.30) lunch break

12.30 (UTC 10.30, CET 11.30) Swanson Aviation Consultancy, Darrell Swanson, Director, Advanced Air Mobility – I feel the need… The need for speed.  A summary of distributed aviation, the factors affecting its adoptions and the infrastructure challenge.

13.00 (UTC 11.00, CET 12.00) Neste, Sami Jauhiainen, Vice President, Business Development, Role of sustainable aviation fuels in decarbonizing aviation

13.30 (UTC 11.30, CET 12.30) Aalto University, Dr. Pedro Vilaça, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Hybrid channeling-based solutions for advanced thermal management of electric aeronautic systems

14.00 (UTC 12.00, CET 13.00) Lilium, Conrad Tann, Team Lead B2G Partnerships, eVTOL becomes a reality as Lilium confirms launch of operations in Germany and USA

14.30 (UTC 12.30, CET 13.30) Discussion

— End of English Programme —

14.45 (UTC 12.45, CET 13.45) Coffee break

15.20 (UTC 13.20, CET 14.20)Introduction to the debate in Finnish language

15.30-16.30 (UTC 13.30-14.30, CET 14.30-15.30) Debate in Finnish language: Ecological and electric aviation develops – how about Helsinki? (Ekologinen ja sähköinen ilmailu kehittyy – miten Helsinki pysyy mukana?)

– Group leaders or chairmen of six political parties in Helsinki, Debate is hosted by Mr. Heikki Kauhanen a TV Producer, News Editor, TV Host and Journalist with Alfa TV Finland:

  • The Greens in Finland, Hannu Oskala, Group Vice Chairman, Helsinki City Councillor
  • Christian Democrats, Mika Ebeling, Group Chairman, Helsinki City Councillor
  • The Social Democratic Party of Finland, Pentti Arajärvi, MP, Helsinki City Councillor
  • The Swedish People’s Party of Finland, Björn Månsson, Helsinki City Councillor
  • The Finns Party, Nuutti Hyttinen,Group Chairman, Helsinki City Councillor
  • The National Coalition Party, Daniel Sazonov, Group Chairman, Helsinki City Councillor

16.30 (UTC 14.30, CET 15.30) End of conference

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